10 Easiest and Laziest Ways People Lost Weight Without Even Trying

This plan worked so well that one night, this gamer played all day and then realized they had ridden "100 miles and burned 6,000 calories."

1. Multi-Tasking for The Win

The healthiest thing you can do for yourself is almost always to do more exercise instead of cutting out food."

2. Health Over Body Mass

One observer mentions how they would use an exercise bike when playing the car-racing game Forza Motorsport.”

3. Channel Your Inner Winner

I put on VR, go into Google Maps VR, and ride my bike through other countries while listening to podcasts."

4. Virtual Reality

“Dumping soda is the easiest/laziest thing to do for sure,” asserts someone. “It takes no physical effort and it also expands your bank account.

5. Ditch the Soda

Since summer is the most popular time for cold ones in the yard, you might want to try a different drink.

6. Lose the Booze

"I went from 165 pounds to 119 pounds in 5 months," one thread reader remembers. "Everyone thought I was high." Not at all, baby. It was just that sweet, sweet sadness."

7. Go Through a Break-Up

It may seem clear, but walking is a free and very effective way to lose weight. One of the contributors makes the idea very clear.

8. Walk