10 Punk Pixie Cut Ideas for a Dramatic Refresh

You could say that Iris Law is the queen of modern pixies. The style seems to change every week. This week it has a center part and brown roots.

Slick Punk Pixie Cut

Another recent Law look is a gentler and more mussed counter to her straight and separated style.

Lived-In Punk Pixie Cut

Fans of timeless takes (think Mia Farrow) can start here—and get creative during the grow-out process.

Soft Punk Pixie Cut

This coifed punk pixie has subtle mixie vibes, and plays best when gelled to perfection.

Mixie Punk Pixie Cut

This overgrown pixie veers into mullet territory, but its easy texture lends to a low-maintenance look.

Overgrown Punk Pixie Cut

Snipped to frame her forehead, Teyana Taylor’s pixie features soft curls at the crown, a texture that can only be furthered with the help of a texture spray.

Curly Punk Pixie Cut

Those with textured hair should consider styling time and effort if the goal is a pin-straight take.

Polished Punk Pixie Cut

Turner-Smith's natural hair makes this slightly parted pixie look better by giving it lift and a perfectly wavy finish.

Subtle Part Punk Pixie Cut

A carefully overgrown pixie cut like this one from Joey King feels charming, shows off your natural texture, and lets your hair air dry.

Romantic Punk Pixie Cut

This option feels like a nod to gothic glamour and is ideal for someone with straight hair who wants to make a major statement.

Piecey-y Punk Pixie Cut