8 Home Decor Ideas: Off The Chain Interior Design

Home decorating includes walls and not just furniture. Before hanging art on your walls, you might need to change the paint color.

Wall Art

If you like to read, a reading nook makes sense. An interior designer will emphasize large furnishings in neutral colors.

Reading Nook

One thing is for certain, no matter how much natural light you have during the day, at night, you’ll need a backup.

Light Sources

Before you begin decorating a large living room, for example, measure the entire space.

Measure Your Space

A living room area rug should extend under the front feet of the furnishings that surround it.

Area Rugs

Another interior design rule is to pay attention to numbers. The rule of three, for example, should be applied.

Mind Your Numbers

Adding a fresh coat of paint to a room is the quickest and cheapest home décor idea.

Fresh Paint

Most are guilty of this home décor no-no: Pushing all the furniture to the edges of the room to make it feel bigger.

Wall Clutter