9 Kitchen Color Schemes for a Modern Cooking Area

A monochromatic kitchen color scheme provides a modern look with gray undertones, and the kitchen is no exception.

Gray Kitchen Color Scheme

If you enjoy a white kitchen color but wanted to stray from the trending white paint color fad, add a subtle color.

White And Gold Color Combo Scheme

A white and leather-guided kitchen may look the same in terms of color, just like white and gold colors. There is a difference, though.

Leather And White Kitchen Color Scheme

Variations of a cool blue kitchen with white walls hold the colors together to provide a modern and mature vibe, and more so than any playroom.

Red, White, And Blue Paint Color

This rich, color-infused kitchen color combo is warm, cozy, and welcoming with Benjamin Moore paint.

Honed Slate, Honey, And Cherry Red And Wood

Kitchens have a lot “going on,” so a color scheme can be subtle yet effective.

Modern Red-Orange And Goldenrod

A striking and classic kitchen color combination that, in one way or another, has recurred throughout time.

Poppy Orange And Ebony

If your kitchen is designed so that an entire wall can be one paint color, then you’re set choose a vibrant kitchen color to kickstart your modern palette.

Fuchsia And Light Neutrals

The classic red-black-white color scheme is shown here in a more subdued way. It looks modern and clean, and it's a good choice if you don't want a white kitchen.

Coral And Steel