9 Poor People Foods We Will Eat Even If We Win The Lottery

It's one of the quickest and cheapest foods to make with just boiling water.

1. Instant Noodles

It is one of the many flavor combinations people never think will work. It is a popular snack that retains its appeal on all financial levels.

2. Saltines With Cheese

Golden brown outside to fluffy softs inside and cinnamon, butter, and sugar in between, the taste of this quick snack fills the deep void of breakfast for any social class.

3. Cinnamon Toast

For a quick, satisfying dinner, Hamburger Helper is a lifesaver. Just add ground beef, and you've got a meal that feels homemade.

4. Hamburger Helper

This humble sandwich, often a lunchbox classic, brings a wave of nostalgia with its simple yet satisfying taste.

5. Bologna Sandwich

Simple to prepare, saucy, buttered noodles are excellent on their own or with steak, chicken, or meatballs.

6. Buttered Noodles

A user calls this "the perfect protein." It is a healthy soup with lentils - brown, red, yellow, green, or black - as the main item.

7. Lentils

A pantry staple made to be pulled out when there's nothing else to go by. All told, this recipe takes half an hour to complete.

8. Tuna Casserole

A delicious combo of browned hot dogs sliced and blended with baked beans and various scrumptious seasonings.

9. Beans and Weenies