Out With the Old: Women Are Ditching These Outdated Hairstyles

This style can make you feel a little taller, but when the trade-off looks like you’re a citizen from Whoville, is it really worth it?

1. Top Knots

The iconic beehive hairstyle, made famous in the 1960s, has seen its last days. While it once symbolized glamour and elegance, it's been replaced by more versatile and lower-maintenance styles.

2. The Beehive

The era of tight, uniform curls and perms is over. Women are leaning towards looser waves and beachy curls that exude a relaxed and natural vibe.

3. Perms and Tight Curls

The excessive teasing and hairspray that characterized the "big hair" of the 1980s are no longer en vogue.

4. Excessive Teasing and Hairspray

While the classic bob remains a timeless choice, the plain, one-length bob is losing ground.

5. The Plain Bob

Single-tone hair colors are being overshadowed by the trend of multi-dimensional coloring.

6. One-Color Dye Jobs

Stiff, structured updos are giving way to more relaxed and messy updo styles.

7. Overly Stiff Updos

Thick, blunt-cut bangs are being replaced by softer, wispy bangs that are more flattering and versatile.

8. Heavy Bangs

The traditional pageboy cut is losing favor among women. Instead, they are embracing more modern short haircuts that offer creativity and flair.

9. The Pageboy Cut