10 Things Cool Baby Boomer Grandparents Do

Baby Boomer grandparents are redefining the role of grandparents in the 21st century. They are no longer content with the traditional image of rocking chairs and knitting needles. Instead, they are embracing a more active, engaged, and tech-savvy approach to grandparenthood. In this blog, we’ll explore 10 things that cool Baby Boomer grandparents do to enrich the lives of their grandchildren and make the most of this special phase of life.

Embrace Technology

Cool Boomer grandparents aren’t afraid of smartphones, tablets, or social media. They use technology to connect with their grandchildren through video calls, emails, and text messages.

Create Adventurous Memories

They believe in the importance of experiences over possessions. Cool grandparents take their grandkids on adventures, whether it’s hiking, camping, or traveling to new places, fostering lasting memories.

Stay Active

Baby Boomer grandparents prioritize health and fitness. They engage in physical activities like yoga, swimming, or cycling, encouraging their grandkids to lead an active lifestyle.

Share Wisdom and Stories

They have a treasure trove of life experiences and stories to share. Cool grandparents love to impart their wisdom and provide guidance, helping their grandchildren navigate the ups and downs of life.

Support Interests

Cool grandparents take an interest in their grandkids’ hobbies and passions. Whether it’s attending soccer games, dance recitals, or art exhibitions, they’re there to show their support.

Encourage Learning

They recognize the importance of education and inspire a love for learning. Cool grandparents may help with homework, engage in educational activities, or even share their own knowledge and skills.

Celebrate Differences

Baby Boomer grandparents encourage their grandchildren to embrace diversity and celebrate differences in people. They teach tolerance, acceptance, and the value of empathy.

Savor Family Traditions

They keep cherished family traditions alive. Whether it’s a special holiday recipe, an annual family reunion, or a unique family ritual, these traditions create a sense of belonging and identity.

Stay Current and Open-Minded

Cool grandparents are open to new ideas and perspectives. They engage in discussions and are willing to learn from their grandchildren, staying current in an ever-evolving world.

Prioritize Quality Time

Above all, they understand that time spent together is the most precious gift. Cool grandparents prioritize quality time, making their grandkids feel loved and cherished.


Baby Boomer grandparents are rewriting the playbook on grandparenthood. They are active, engaged, and dedicated to creating meaningful connections with their grandchildren. By embracing technology, sharing wisdom, supporting interests, and fostering a love for learning, they are leaving a lasting legacy of love and positivity. Cool Baby Boomer grandparents are a source of inspiration for future generations, showing that age is just a number when it comes to being a fantastic grandparent.

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