8 Items at Dollar Tree That Cost Way More at Walmart

Everyone loves a good bargain, and when it comes to stretching our dollars, knowing where to shop is half the battle. Dollar Tree, with its everything-for-a-dollar mantra, has become a popular destination for budget-conscious shoppers. But how does it stack up against retail giant Walmart? Surprisingly well, as it turns out! Here are eight items that you can snag at Dollar Tree for just a dollar, but would cost you considerably more at Walmart.

1. Greeting Cards

At Dollar Tree, you can find a wide range of greeting cards for every occasion at just a dollar each. In contrast, similar cards at Walmart can cost anywhere from $3 to $5 each.

2. Cleaning Supplies

From glass cleaners to disinfectants, Dollar Tree’s cleaning aisle offers a variety of products for just a dollar. Walmart’s prices for comparable items are often double or triple this amount.

3. Party Supplies

Planning a party on a budget? Dollar Tree offers an array of party supplies like balloons, streamers, and disposable tableware for only a dollar, whereas Walmart’s prices are often significantly higher for similar items.

4. Spices

For the home cooks, Dollar Tree’s selection of spices is a steal. You can find a range of common spices for just a dollar, a price hard to beat at Walmart where the same spices could cost $2 to $4.

5. Reading Glasses

If you need a pair of reading glasses, Dollar Tree has them for a dollar. In comparison, Walmart’s reading glasses can start at $5 and go up from there.

6. Hair Accessories

Hair ties, headbands, and other hair accessories are available at Dollar Tree for just a dollar, offering significant savings compared to Walmart, where prices are usually higher for similar items.

7. Picture Frames

Decorating on a budget? Dollar Tree offers a variety of picture frames for a dollar, whereas at Walmart, even the simplest frames can cost $3 to $5.

8. Storage Containers

Organizational supplies like storage containers are a dollar at Dollar Tree. Walmart’s prices for comparable containers are often at least two to three times higher.


While Walmart is known for its low prices and wide selection, Dollar Tree’s consistent one-dollar pricing can make it the go-to place for specific items. Next time you’re looking to save, consider checking Dollar Tree first – your wallet will thank you!

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