Jack in the Box Makes the Tastiest Steak a Burger

Jack in the Box, a popular American fast-food chain, is known for its innovative menu items that often blend classic fast-food favorites with new and exciting flavors. Recently, the chain has upped its burger game with the introduction of two new premium burger options: the All American Ribeye Steakhouse Burger and the Bacon All American Ribeye Steakhouse Burger. These new offerings represent a significant step in the brand’s culinary evolution, particularly in competing with other major players in the fast-food industry.

The All American Ribeye Steakhouse Burgers

1. Unique Flavor Profile

The All American Ribeye Steakhouse Burgers are designed to mimic the rich and flavorful experience of steakhouse dining. The burgers feature a 100% ribeye beef patty, known for its tender texture and heavy marbling. Ribeye beef is a favorite among professional chefs for its rich flavor profile, making it an ideal choice for a premium fast-food burger​​.

2. Burger Varieties

  • All American Ribeye Steakhouse Burger: This burger includes a ribeye beef patty, natural cheddar cheese, aioli, red onion, lettuce, and tomato, all served on a potato bun. It’s priced at $6.89.
  • Bacon All American Ribeye Steakhouse Burger: Adding to the allure of the standard version, this burger incorporates bacon into the mix for an additional savory element. The cost for this variant is $7.29.

These burgers can also be enjoyed as part of a combo meal with fries and a drink, starting at $11.69​​​​.

3. Limited-Time Offering

The All American Ribeye Steakhouse Burgers are available as a limited-time offering at Jack in the Box locations nationwide. This strategy of introducing premium, limited-time menu items helps create buzz and attract customers looking for unique dining experiences​​​​.

4. Culinary Evolution and Competition

Jack in the Box has introduced similar premium burgers in the past, like the Blue Cheese & Bacon Ribeye Burger, All-American, and Havarti & Grilled Onion varieties. These offerings highlight the chain’s ongoing efforts to innovate and compete in the highly dynamic fast-food industry, particularly against major competitors known for their iconic burger offerings​​.


The introduction of the All American Ribeye Steakhouse Burgers by Jack in the Box is more than just a new menu item; it’s a testament to the brand’s commitment to culinary innovation and staying competitive in the fast-food market. By offering premium, steakhouse-quality burgers for a limited time, the chain caters to customers seeking a gourmet fast-food experience. These new additions are not only a treat for ribeye enthusiasts but also position Jack in the Box as a formidable contender in the ever-evolving world of fast food.

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