12 Items to Declutter for a Calmer, More Functional Space

Imagine stepping into your bedroom. Is it a peaceful sanctuary that promotes relaxation and sleep, or a cluttered space that adds unnecessary stress? Our bedrooms should be havens for rest and rejuvenation.

But sometimes, they become dumping grounds for miscellaneous items, creating a chaotic environment. The good news? Decluttering your bedroom can be a quick and rewarding process.

Let’s explore 12 items you can ditch without a second thought, paving the way for a calmer, more functional space.

Farewell, Funky Fashion: Clothes You Never Wear (or Haven’t Worn in Years)

Honest confession time: We all have clothes in our closets that no longer spark joy (thanks, Marie Kondo!). Maybe it’s an outfit from a bygone era, a size that no longer fits, or a piece with a stain you can’t remove.

Holding onto unworn clothes creates clutter, steals valuable storage space, and can even contribute to decision fatigue when choosing what to wear each day. Be ruthless! Donate clothes that are in good condition, responsibly recycle those beyond repair, and relish the extra space in your closet.

Farewell, Faded Glory: Old Linens Past Their Prime

Sheets that feel like sandpaper, threadbare towels, and lumpy pillows – these are not conducive to a good night’s sleep. Over time, linens wear down, losing their softness and becoming less effective at keeping you comfortable.

Don’t force yourself to use scratchy sheets or towels that barely absorb moisture. Invest in high-quality linens that you’ll love using. Treat yourself to cozy sheets with a high thread count and plush towels that feel luxurious against your skin. Your sleep (and sanity) will thank you.

Farewell, Frustrating Electronics: Outdated Devices You No Longer Use

Do you have a graveyard of old cell phones, chargers for devices you no longer own, or tangled cords from forgotten electronics? These outdated items contribute to visual clutter and take up precious space.

Sort through your electronics drawer (or box) and discard anything that no longer serves a purpose. Recycle what you can and dispose of the rest responsibly. Remember, electronics often contain hazardous materials that shouldn’t end up in landfills.

Farewell, Dusty Decor: Mismatched or Broken Trinkets

Over time, our bedrooms can accumulate decorative items that no longer resonate with us. Maybe it’s a seashell collection from a childhood vacation, a chipped picture frame, or a set of mismatched throw pillows.

If these items don’t bring you joy or contribute to the overall aesthetic of your space, it’s time to let them go. Edit your decor down to pieces you truly love and that reflect your personal style. A curated selection will create a more cohesive and calming environment.

Farewell, Future Plans (Maybe): Expired Coupons and Old Magazines

Do you have a drawer or basket overflowing with expired coupons, dog-eared magazines you never read, or brochures from vacations long past? These paper items create clutter and take up valuable space.

Unsubscribe from magazines you don’t enjoy, recycle outdated coupons, and toss brochures from trips you’ve already taken. Focus on keeping only the things you’ll realistically use in the near future.

For inspiration, consider creating a digital mood board for future travel plans instead of holding onto physical brochures.

Farewell, Forgotten Footwear: Unworn Shoes Taking Up Space

We all have shoes we love and wear regularly. But let’s be honest, there are probably also shoes languishing in the back of your closet that haven’t seen the light of day in years.

Maybe they’re the wrong size, an uncomfortable style, or simply don’t match your wardrobe anymore. Holding onto unworn shoes creates clutter and steals valuable storage space.

Donate shoes that are still in good condition, recycle those beyond repair, and relish the extra space in your closet.

Farewell, Fitness Fallacies: Outdated Workout Equipment Collecting Dust

Do you have an exercise bike gathering dust in the corner, a set of rusty weights collecting cobwebs, or an ancient yoga mat that’s seen better days? If you’re not using these items for your workouts, it’s time to let them go.

Consider alternative exercise options that require minimal equipment, or find a gym membership that provides the equipment you need. Freeing up this space can create a more open and relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom.

Farewell, Fragrances of the Past: Expired Perfume and Cologne

Perfumes and colognes can lose their potency over time, and the scent can even change. Holding onto expired fragrances not only takes up space but also might not smell the way they used to.

Declutter your vanity by tossing any perfumes or colognes that are their expiration date. If you’re unsure when a fragrance expires, look for a small symbol of an open container with a number next to it, typically located on the bottom of the bottle.

This number represents the recommended shelf life in months after opening. Consider keeping only your favorite scents in rotation and storing them properly in a cool, dark place to maximize their lifespan.

Farewell, Forgotten Function: Empty Tissue Boxes and Wrapping Paper Scraps

We all accumulate empty tissue boxes and leftover wrapping paper scraps after holidays or gift-giving occasions. But do you really need to hold onto these items?

Empty tissue boxes can take up valuable drawer space, and leftover wrapping paper scraps are often too small or oddly shaped to be truly useful. Recycle these items promptly after use.

Invest in a reusable tissue box cover to add a decorative touch while keeping tissues conveniently on hand. For gift-giving, consider using eco-friendly wrapping options like fabric gift bags or reusable boxes.

Farewell, Future Maybe: Unopened Gifts You Never Use

Do you have a collection of unopened gifts tucked away in a drawer or closet? Maybe it’s a candle from a distant relative you never light, a set of bath bombs you never use, or a scarf that doesn’t match your wardrobe.

Holding onto these unused gifts creates clutter and takes up space for items you might actually enjoy. Regift unopened gifts to someone who would appreciate them, donate them to charity, or have an honest conversation with the gift-giver and politely explain you won’t be using the item.

Farewell, Paper Pile-Up: Old Textbooks and Outdated Manuals

Textbooks from college courses long completed or outdated manuals for appliances you no longer own contribute to visual clutter.

Consider donating textbooks to a local library or used bookstore, or selling them online to recoup some money. Recycle outdated manuals or find digital versions online to save space.

Farewell, Farewell Clutter: Embrace the Power of Letting Go

Decluttering your bedroom is more than just removing physical objects. It’s about letting go of things that no longer serve you and creating a space that reflects your current lifestyle and needs.

By embracing the power of letting go, you’ll create a calmer, more functional, and more relaxing haven for sleep and rejuvenation. Remember, a clutter-free bedroom can contribute to a clearer mind and a more peaceful state of being.

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